NDMA launches cleanliness campaign in rain-hit Karachi

NDMA Karachi

A few days after PM Imran Khan’s directives, the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has started clearing the city’s nullahs in Karachi. 

Before the next spell of heavy rain forecast later this week, NDMA teams along with the Frontier Works Organization (FWO) started clearing the main nullahs in the city.

Heavy machines are being used by the teams involved in cleaning the drains, to lift the trash and shift it to the city’s landfill sites.

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PM Imran Khan directed NDMA to clean-up Karachi

Last week, Prime Minister Imran Khan had directed NDMA chairman to visit Karachi and launch a cleanup operation after rain wreaked havoc in the provincial capital.

On Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan directed NDMA chairman and Pakistan army to help clean up rain-battered economic hub of Pakistan, as the whole Karachi badly suffered from heavy rain. PM also asked NDMA chairman to go to the port city immediately and start the cleanup following heavy rain.

People started raising questions against the performance of the provincial authorities. The monsoon rain turned many roads into rivers of rainwater infused with dirty sewage water that flooded many houses and shops, carried away many cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles. This 2020 flood has killed 10 people in which children are also included.

Although the Sindh government maintained that the condition in monsoon rain could’ve been worse. Nasir Hussain Shah Local Government Minister right after the flood-like conditions said, “The Sindh government has been implementing emergency [rainfall] measures under a comprehensive, integrated policy for several months. The situation is not 100 percent, but at least we are in the field with our people,”

Following the mess created in the city, PM tweeted on Wednesday that he has asked the Chairman NDMA to go to Karachi at once and clean up the whole city. “I have asked the Pak army to also help in cleaning up the city.”….” I have asked the NDMA Chairman to go to Karachi immediately and start the clean up in the aftermath of the rain.”

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