Punjab, Sindh and KP return to pre-Covid routine, withdraw lockdown orders

Punjab Sindh KP lift lockdown

Punjab, KP and Sindh governments have issued notifications to lift all province-wide lockdown orders and allowing the reopening of most businesses citing the bettering coronavirus situation but with strong adherence to health guidelines and SOPs.

After the NCOC decision to formally lift COVID lockdown and open up all businesses from Monday, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh and Punjab governments lifted the lockdowns imposed by the government and resumed the majority of business activities with the SOPs guidelines.

The majority of the activities resumed on Monday and few activities left will be resumed till 15th September. The issued notification on 9th August states that all sectors except educational institutions and marriage halls will be resumed from Monday under the following of timings and weekly holidays.

However, all the religious congregations will be held after the approval from the administration and everyone would be bound to follow the government’s provided standard operating procedures. All public transport will be strictly checked whether preventive measures are being observed or not.

KP, Punjab allows most sectors to reopen and Sindh maintains some lockdown restrictions

The notifications by Punjab, KP and Sindh governments were issued right after three days when the federal government announced to lift lockdown orders and resume public transportation and restaurant activities.

In a meeting of the National Coordination Committee, the decision was taken that was supervised by Prime Minister Imran Khan and by the representatives of all the provinces of the country. In a meeting, lifting restrictions from railways, metro bus and airlines was also decided.

The restrictions will remain lifted if people follow SOPs and the number of people allowed to travel by trains, buses, or planes, etc. will be maintained. However, the limitations will remain in place until September.

According to Asad Umar the Minister for Planning and Development, “Restaurants and cafes, outdoor and indoor, will be allowed to open from 10th August and SOPs will be finalized in the next two to three days. Moreover, public parks, theatres, cinemas, amusement parks, arcades, expo centers, and beauty parlors will also be allowed to open from Monday,”

He further said that permission for organizing sports tournaments and matches will be held without an audience. However, no activity would be carried out without the following of SOPs.

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