Sindh Govt Trains Teachers on Microsoft Software for Teaching Online Education

Sindh Microsoft Online Teachers

Sindh Education Foundation (SEF) lead by the Government of Sindh not just started online classes but also started providing assistance of training to teachers on directing virtual classes on the digital platform of Microsoft Teams and Office 365 Software.

At the start SEF faced hurdles but they managed to lift themselves despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The Sindh Education Foundation started engaging with teachers and students at the start of the coronavirus pandemic to provide them a digital platform and with their help of Microsoft, it now benefits the teachers and students to stay connected in the period of lockdown.

In March 2020, the leading tech giant Microsoft expert team stretched the training on Microsoft 365 Office and Microsoft Teams to master trainers of Sindh Education Foundation but later, they also conducted training of SEF’s associates, headteachers and their subordinates.

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The first phase of the training was very basic as teachers were not familiar with the latest software and trainers taught them how to use technology for learning. The teachers of Sindh were trained on how to use Office 365 and Microsoft Teams and how to create sessions for online classes on Teams for students.

The main objective of this workshop was to make the teachers acquainted with the Microsoft Teams and its applications. To teach them how to start online classes as well as other different applications of Microsoft for creating presentations and recording videos for lectures.

In addition to this training, the sessions were divided into two sections; the first section was for primary teachers in which they have been trained on the ECCE National Curriculum and its way of work, education psychology, child psychology, child learning aptitudes and more related to technological gears.

In the second part of the section, teachers of Science, Mathematicians, English and Social Studies were trained on how to conduct classes via online facility and how to create PowerPoint interactive presentations. Overall, the SEF magnificently provided training to around 10,000 heads and subordinates teachers.

Abdul Kabir Kazi the Managing Director of SEF appreciated each and every person associated with the foundation that helped to achieve this milestone in the era of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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