Over 400 lady doctors to remotely monitor coronavirus patients in Sindh

Around 400 Pakistani lady doctors from over 15 countries and different regions of the country have joined hands with the Sindh government to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

The eDoctor service will enable remote monitoring and regular assisting of more than 8,000 patients in the province through IT-driven facilities.

Around 2 years ago, DUHS (Dow University of health sciences) took the initiative of eDoctor project for around 35,000 lady doctors who completed their medical education. These lady doctors were those who studied privately or at the expense of the state and they were no longer connected with the profession. They are now again given a chance to become part of Pakistan’s medical workforce.

The concept was designed in order to use the innovative technological tools in linking the lady doctors on a single platform and to provide them virtual-based teaching of updated medical education in an overreaching program that will cover all aspects required to be a general physician.

Right now, hundreds of doctors are working on this project from home in Pakistan and around the world and they are offering their services for contributing to the health system.

The Sindh province medical officials said that this project brought back hundreds of doctors and the success of the project inspired the Sindh administration to utilize the medical workforce and engage around 400 lady doctors from abroad for monitoring the thousands of COVID-19 patients who are asymptomatic or who are in self-quarantine at homes.

At this moment total coronavirus cases reported from Sindh are 17,947 and many of them have mild or no symptoms, they can remain in touch with any physicians and opt for regular consultancy despite using the eDoctor service for better recovery and precautions during the days of their isolation.

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