163 killed, 101 injured in rain-related incidents across Pakistan

Pakistan killed rain-related incidents

According to the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), at least 163 people have been killed while 101 others were injured since 15th June of this year in rain-related incidents across Pakistan.

On Sunday, the authority said that rescue and relief operations are being carried out in the affected areas by concerned departments of the government, army, and non-governmental organizations.

Sindh, Karachi is the most affected area of the country where 61 people were killed and 22 others injured in rain-related incidents. Many localities have been badly damaged and till now 59 houses have been reported to be destroyed.

The urban flooding brought life to a standstill in Karachi and almost 90 percent of commercial activities are stopped due to heavy monsoon rain and so rain-water is stagnant on roads, the whole city’s activities are halted. This disaster is still going on in the city as it is still continuously raining.

According to the NDMA report, a total of 48 people were killed and 44 others injured in the northwest province Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in rain-related incidents, adding that 54 more were killed when the rains wreaked havoc in other parts of Pakistan. The NDMA has provided tents, food items, blankets, mosquito nets, among others, in the affected areas.

However, more torrential rains are predicted as per the report of the Pakistan Meteorological Department. Different parts of the country will have heavy rain from today and the whole week. A warning has been issued of urban flooding where Karachi is the major area to be conscious of.

It has been said that the monsoon winds are the major source of downpour in the country during the months of July-September. This year, the meteorological department forecasted more than usual rains during the ongoing season, and concerned departments have issued advisories for the general public to take self-precautionary measures.

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