Shehzad Roy, Faisal Qureshi to play lead roles in ‘Alif Noon’ remake

Shehzad Roy Alif Noon

Alif Noon, the 60s Pakistani immensely popular sitcom is getting a remake and it will be reprised as a feature film starring famous singer Shehzad Roy as Allan and the comedian Faisal Qureshi as Nanha.

Roy, who is all set to act for the first time in the project, taking to social media, shared a video clip from the sitcom and announced that he and comedian, Faisal Qureshi are joining hands for an exciting upcoming venture.

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The iconic Allan Nanha duo of PTV series ‘Alif Noon’

In the 60s, television was introduced in Pakistan whose first transmission started in 1964 in Lahore. Alif Noon was perhaps the first drama series at that time which got tremendous popularity all over the country. The writer of that drama series was Kamal Ahmed Rizvi who also acted as a leading role in the drama along with Rafi Khawar.

The role of Kamal Ahmed Rizvi in the drama was of a clever man who used to start different businesses and always did the fraud and ultimately was caught by the people. The name of that fraudulent role was Allan who always keeps Rafi Khawar with him while cheating the people and the name of Rafi Khawar was Nanha in the drama. Nanha was an innocent straightforward character who almost in all the episodes of the drama series used to be found playing in the hands of Allan.

The drama was a big source of entertainment for Pakistanis. The main objective of the play as was mentioned by Kamal Ahmed Rizvi himself in different interviews, appeared in the paper and electronic media was to expose the corruption, found in different departments/sectors of the country.

After the passing of more than fifty years, this drama is still in the minds of the generation of that time. This is the good news for all Pakistanis, especially for those enjoyed the acting of Allan and Nanha that ‘Alif Noon’ is being made into a feature film and the main theme will remain the same i.e., to expose the prevailing corruption the society.

Famous singer and social worker, Shehzad Roy will act as Allan and Faisal Qureshi, the famous comedian actor, will act as Nanha in the Alif Noon film which is written by Faisal Qureshi himself.

The corruption in society will be exposed in a slightly different style but the main theme will remain the same and it is hoped that people will enjoy this film a lot.

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