SHC orders Sindh govt to grant promotions to lecturers within 20 days

Sindh SHC lecturers

Sindh High Court (SHC) has ordered for the promotion of the lecturers from Grade 17 to Grade 18, the relevant authorities will have to promote lecturers across the Sindh province within 20 days.

The petition filed by the Sindh Professors and Lecturers Association was heard by the bench, headed by Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar and comprising Justice Amjad Ali Sahito.

The Court ordered the provincial government to grant the promotion to lecturers of Grade 17 to Grade 18 across the province within 20 days. The court ordered that contempt of Court action would be taken against the provincial Chief Secretary and Secretary of Colleges if promotions and time scale are not granted.

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The Secretary Colleges requested the court to give 15 days for the completion of paperwork for data of Grade 17 and 18 lecturers. Secretary told the court that the Sindh government had prepared a policy regarding promotion and time scale. The court remarked, “You (lecturers) are demanding promotion and time scale but what would you say about the standard of education.”

Justice Sahito remarked that the standard of education has fallen and lecturers do not seem ready to educate students. He added, “look at the results of colleges, the standard of education will be identified after observing the situation of Sindh colleges and their academic results.”

The secretary colleges told SHC that the Sindh government was ready to promote the lecturers but lecturers must do their duty properly.

Justice Amjad Sahito remarked that the standard of education has dropped so much that 2,500 seats in the dental colleges are not fulfilled.

The counsel of the Sindh Professor and Lecturers Association admitted that the standard of education in the province has not been improved.

However, the council said that the teachers would endeavor to improve the level of education in Sindh. The lawyer of government told that matter of time scale and promotion had been forwarded to the Sindh cabinet and the summery would be forwarded to the Chief Minister in the next phase.  

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