Second wave of Covid-19 to attack soon, positive cases surging

Second wave of Covid-19

In the beginning, Pakistanis took care of everything to stay away from the risk of contracting covid-19 but now the majority of the people have given up to be careful and the recent increase in reported cases of coronavirus can be termed as the second wave of Covid-19 in Pakistan.

According to the National Command and Operation Centre, 615 cases of corona have been registered in the country. The total cases are now 320,463. The active cases of corona are now 8,782. 305,080 patients of this disease have been recovered. 14 patients of corona died during the last 24 hours and the total number of people who died of corona in Pakistan is 6,601 by this date.

The number of patients in Sindh is 140,756. In Punjab, the total corona patients are 101,014, In KP, the number of corona patients is 38,427, In Islamabad, the total corona patients are 17,526, In Baluchistan, the number of corona patients is 15,541, In Azad Kashmir, there are 3,131 corona patients and In Gilgit Baltistan, the number of corona patients is 3,955.

One can be saved from this second wave of Covid-19 if proper precautionary measures are taken. For example, wearing masks outside of the home, washing hands-on regular basis, especially when coming back home from outside, spending some time in sunlight on daily basis, rooms must be properly ventilated.

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Weather is now moderate therefore, the air conditioner should be avoided. The sunlight is especially highly beneficial to be saved of corona as the rays of the sun destroy the virus directly. The rise and fall of the temperature do not matter here but sun rays do weaken the virus. Drinking warm water after every hour is a very good strategy for avoiding being caught by corona.

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