Samsung confirms data breach, personal customer data stolen

Samsung breach

Several US customers have received notifications from Samsung Electronics that a recent breach compromised their personal information. 

In a brief statement published late on Friday, Samsung announced the breach just as Americans were getting ready to start their long Labor Day holiday. 

The company emphasized that no Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or debit card numbers were compromised, but said information including name, contact and demographic details, date of birth, and product registration details may have been compromised. It wasn’t clear what “demographic information” specifically may involve. 

Samsung’s continued commitment to protecting its customers’ security and privacy was also expressed by the business. 

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By collaborating with top experts in the field, we will further improve the security of our systems, as well as the privacy of your personal data, and seek to uphold the confidence you have placed in the Samsung brand for more than 40 years. 

We apologize sincerely for any worry or trouble this incident may have brought on for our valued customers. 

Samsung said in a different statement that the data breach was detected on August 4 after the hacker obtained it in late July. The business said that it has subsequently secured its system, collaborated with law enforcement, and partnered with a top cybersecurity firm. 

Samsung said that it emailed the impacted customers. It didn’t specify how many users were impacted or why it took so long to notify them. 

The South Korean technology powerhouse claimed that users’ devices were not in danger and that those who were impacted did not need to take any urgent action, but it did issue a warning to be wary of scam messages that requested personal information and to avoid clicking on links in dubious emails. 

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