Sakina Abbas, Pakistan’s first female Google developers expert for Flutter

Sakina Abbas

There are only few who pursue career development in Pakistan after studies and Sakina Abbas is one of them. The 25-year-old Sakina Abbas from Karachi is Pakistan’s first female Google Developers Experts for Flutter. The Flutter developer completed her computer science degree in 2019 from Fast National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. 

A Google Developers Expert (GDE) is a certified developer recognized by Google who is having technical expertise for its products such as Android, Machine Learning, Flutter, e.t.c. apart from that the developer also made an impact in the community through engagement and share their understanding and experience in order to build a strong developer’s community. 

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At the moment, around 700 Google Developers Expert are providing their services from all over the world. Among these 700 GDEs 11 are from Pakistan. 

Road towards professional developer 

From very beginning the Pakistan’s first Flutter developer was very passionate to play games which leads her to get enrolled into a four-year degree programme and later become a full-time professional developer. 

At start, the 25-year-old Sakina Abbas started its journey as a native Android developer. and after developing a few market-ready Android apps, she immediately realised that it was the appropriate technology for her since, despite the development obstacles, she “genuinely enjoyed the entire process.” 

Starting a business, transitioning to Flutter 

Before Flutter, Abbas along with her classmate created a software house and named it ReacTree in order to follow their passion and strengthen their country through foreign investment. 

Abbas explained that by the time she began her company, Flutter had grown and achieved some traction, so she switched from native Android development to Flutter programming. 

Abbas had to study a lot about her profession before switching to Flutter because “an active Android programming community” does not exist in Pakistan. 

For a while, the anxiety of the unknown tormented her as she switched to Flutter programming, but she was encouraged by a coworker who guided her through the process. 

Sakina Abbas was able to thrive as a result of her colleague’s assistance, and this prompted her to give something back. She began writing technical blogs and speaking at various events, conferences, and institutions. 

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