4-year-old Arish Fatima from Karachi becomes youngest Microsoft professional

Arish Fatima

A 4 year-old prodigy, Arish Fatima from Karachi has made history by becoming the youngest Microsoft Professional.

This child has set a unique example by scoring 831 marks in Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) exam, the Government of Pakistan announced via Twitter on Friday. “A 4-year-old Pakistani girl from Karachi, Areesh Fatima has created a history as she has become a Microsoft Certified Professional at such a young age. #PrideOfPakistan.”

However, the minimum score for passing the MCP exam is 700 and Arish broke the world record to achieve great success and made Pakistan proud around the world. With her extraordinary memory, Areesh plans to memorize the Holy Quran by the age of 6.

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Arish’s father also accomplished the milestone at a very young age, said that while working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, he saw his daughter’s interest in IT and helped her in this test.

Arish Fatima was quick to learn and soon started to create and manage documents in Microsoft Word, format texts and sections, and create tables, and insert graphic elements in a file.

Areesh’s father himself is an IT specialist and always wanted to transfer his skills to his daughter gradually but regularly and sees his daughter doing wonders in this field. Arish’s parents say that their daughter is “extremely capable and has extraordinary abilities.”

The Microsoft Office technical certifications, the one which Areesh took, train the candidates to be familiar with basic MS Office Suite features, it allows them to be able to exhibit their abilities in different applications of MS Office. It includes creating and managing large word documents, creating tables, reports and charts and adding references.

With the help of Areesh’s parents and her interest, this 4-year-old girl was able to achieve a major milestone.

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