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Russia warns of civil war in Afghanistan after withdrawal of troops

civil war in Afghanistan

Russia warned of the danger of the situation in Afghanistan, saying that there is a “high probability” of a civil war after the withdrawal of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) forces.

Russian Defense Forces following the evacuation of NATO soldiers has warned of a civil war in Afghanistan. Sergey Shoygu speaking at the ninth Moscow Conference on International Security, emphasized the importance of Islamabad and Tehran in maintaining the unity of Afghan groups.

The Russian minister requested assistance from neighbouring countries and international organizations to address the country’s deteriorating condition.

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The violence in the war-torn country has risen since foreign soldiers began to withdraw, prompting various politicians, including Prime Minister Imran Khan, to call for international help to address the issue. 

PM Khan had asked the US for a political settlement before leaving Afghanistan in an interview with Axios. 

Russia warns of civil war in Afghanistan after NATO troop withdrawal

In his speech to the international security conference, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu called for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s capabilities to be used. 

He believes that the security of military activity in Asia, as well as procedures to prevent incidents, should be discussed at multilateral forums of cooperation among defence agencies from Asia-Pacific countries. 

“On multilateral interaction formats of defence authorities of Asia-Pacific Region nations, we believe it will be important to discuss issues of military activity security and the establishment of procedures to prevent events in Asia. We are willing to offer our own experience in dealing with similar issues “Shoygu remarked. 

While Europe has had a crisis response system consisting of a series of bilateral agreements on incident prevention during air force and naval operations since the Cold War, the minister observed that the Asia-Pacific area lacks such structures. 

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