RTA Dubai Allows License Swap For Non-Approved Countries In New Initiative

RTA Dubai Allows License Swap For Non-Approved Countries In New Initiative

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has launched a new initiative called “Golden Chance,” which allows expats from non-approved countries such as Pakistan, India, and the Philippines to swap their driving licenses without taking driving lessons. Prior to this initiative, residents from non-approved countries were required to take driving classes and tests to be eligible for swapping driving licenses for local ones. However, with the introduction of the “Golden Chance” initiative, they can now do so by only taking theory and road tests. 

Expats from approved countries such as France, Hong Kong, Denmark, Ireland, Canada, the US, South Africa, and the UK can swap their licenses by simply visiting the RTA. However, individuals from certain countries such as Lithuania and Greece must give up their foreign licenses to obtain a Dubai license. 

Those over 18 years old who cannot drive can take driving lessons at one of the following institutes in Dubai: Emirates Driving Institute, Dubai Driving Center, Galadari Motor Driving Center, Belhasa Driving Center, and Al Ahli Driving Center. 

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The “Golden Chance” initiative has been launched to provide convenience to expats from non-approved countries who previously had to undergo time-consuming and expensive driving lessons to obtain a local license. The initiative is expected to increase the number of license swaps and promote ease of doing business in the emirate. 

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