GM Survey Reveals Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles in UAE and Saudi Arabia

GM Survey Reveals Growing Interest in Electric Vehicles in UAE and Saudi Arabia

A recently conducted survey by Morning Consult, commissioned by General Motors (GM), indicates an escalating interest in electric vehicles (EVs) among consumers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia. 

The study evaluated participants’ awareness of EVs, prospective long-term cost savings, vehicle options, and the charging infrastructure. Findings reflected a surge in positive attitudes towards EVs among prospective car buyers. 

Jack Uppal, the President and Managing Director of General Motors Africa & Middle East, commented on the survey findings. He said, “The rise in positive sentiment towards EVs, as revealed in this Morning Consult survey, is encouraging. As we work towards our vision for the future of mobility, the anticipated increase in the volume and variety of EV offerings will correspond with the shift in consumer understanding and preference, owing to the long-term benefits of EV ownership.” 

Both the UAE and Saudi Arabia showed a high awareness of all-electric vehicles, standing at 95% and 93% respectively. This understanding of EVs was found to be evenly distributed across different age and gender groups in both countries. The survey further revealed that 70% of respondents in the UAE and 63% in Saudi Arabia were seriously contemplating purchasing an EV. 

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General Motors suggested that global sales predictions point to a dramatic expansion of the electric vehicles market, increasing from $10 billion in 2023 to an astounding $90 billion by 2030. The commitment of both the UAE and Saudi Arabia to carbon neutrality has further heightened public awareness of the benefits of EVs, according to the statement. 

The survey also highlighted that potential cost savings associated with EVs were a significant factor in driving interest. For instance, 64% of respondents in the UAE cited rising gasoline prices and environmental concerns as reasons for their interest in EVs. Similarly, 61% of respondents in Saudi Arabia were attracted to EVs due to the increasing cost of gasoline and the prospect of more affordable EV options. 

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