Senate Committee Urges Action Against Misuse of UAE Number Plate Vehicles in Pakistan

dubai number plate range rover in pakistan

The Senate Standing Committee on Finance has called upon the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) and other enforcement bodies to investigate the widespread misuse of vehicles bearing UAE number plates in Pakistan. These vehicles, temporarily imported by foreign dignitaries, including Arab officials, during hunting seasons, are reported to remain in the country unlawfully. 

As the committee scrutinized the Finance Bill 2023, it recommended the seizure of vehicles that Arab dignitaries had gifted during their hunting visits to Pakistan. 

Committee Chairman, Senator Saleem Mandviwalla, voiced grave concern about the non-re-exportation of vehicles temporarily imported by these dignitaries. He noted instances of such vehicles being brazenly driven to the Parliament House. 

According to Mandviwalla, these vehicles are often presented as gifts to Pakistanis who continue to use them with the original foreign number plates. He highlighted the reluctance of local police to take action against the drivers of these vehicles, fearing repercussions from powerful owners. 

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Meanwhile, Suraiya Ahmed Butt, the Member of Customs Policy at the FBR, argued that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs sets a designated time period for the hunting season and the temporary importation of vehicles. She maintained that the procedure has been tightened to prevent any misuse of this facility. 

She further explained that the government allows for extensions on the temporary import permits of these vehicles, and any vehicles overstaying this period are liable to confiscation. For handling such situations, a comprehensive procedure is outlined in Chapter-99 of the Pakistan Customs Tariff, Butt added. 

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