A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Taxi Driver in Dubai

A Comprehensive Guide to Becoming a Taxi Driver in Dubai

Individuals possessing good vision, physical health, reflexes, and driving skills, with a strong emphasis on road etiquette, can find a rewarding career as a taxi driver in Dubai. 

Potential Earnings for Taxi Drivers in Dubai 

The salary range for taxi drivers in Dubai depends significantly on the number of working hours in a month. Regular full-time drivers can expect to make AED 3,200 to AED 7,350 monthly. This equates to roughly AED 30 per hour, assuming an 8-hour workday over a 30-day month without breaks. 

Opportunities for Foreigners in the Dubai Taxi Industry 

Foreign nationals who meet the required qualifications and possess a Dubai driving license can also pursue careers as taxi drivers in Dubai. By choosing to drive independently, join a corporate fleet, or work for the Dubai government, foreigners can anticipate a monthly income ranging from AED 3,000 to AED 5,000. 

Obtaining a Dubai Taxi Driver Permit 

A crucial step in becoming a taxi driver in Dubai is securing a Dubai Taxi Driver Permit. This involves paying an application fee of approximately AED 200 to the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Dubai. 

Eligibility and Prerequisites 

Typically, individuals can continue to work as taxi drivers in Dubai until the age of 60. Beyond this, renewal of the Dubai driving license requires a physical and eyesight examination. 

Qualifying for an RTA permit requires passing the Dubai driving foundation test, holding a valid UAE driving license (LTV), providing your sponsor’s details, and presenting a non-criminal certificate. 

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Dubai/UAE Driving License 

Holding a valid Dubai/UAE driving license for a light motor vehicle (LTV) is a fundamental prerequisite for applying for a taxi driving permit in Dubai. 

The next step is to apply for a taxi driving permit at RTA Dubai, ensuring all necessary documents, such as passport or ID, two photographs, a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your sponsor, an eyesight and physical fitness certificate, the application fees, and a copy of your UAE residence permit or visa are ready. 

As per the Ministry of Interior’s website, application fees for a driving license vary from AED 100 to AED 300. For individuals below 21 years, the fee is around AED 100, while those over 21 years are charged around AED 300. Additionally, there is a knowledge and innovation fee of AED 20 for Dubai’s driving license and a delivery fee of AED 15. 

Several job opportunities are available for taxi drivers in Dubai and nearby cities. These roles can be found on various platforms, including the federal government’s job portal, the Abu Dhabi government jobs portal, Arabia Taxi, Nafis Jobs, Careem, Kawader jobs, Uber, Dubai government jobs, and Dubai Taxi. 

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