Romanian singer Akcent announces to spend holidays in Hunza


Adrian Sina, also known as Akcent, a Romanian singer, recently revealed on Twitter that he will be spending his vacations in Hunza, Pakistan. 

“This time I have decided to spend some of my holidays in Hunza Pakistan to show the world that Pakistan is a safe and beautiful country,” the singer said in a tweet. “Hello, this is Akcent, and I am really delighted to see you again in Pakistan,” he says in the video. 

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Akcent took to social media after England and New Zealand’s cricket trips to Pakistan were cancelled to express that he had always felt comfortable in the country. “I have been to Pakistan several times and have always felt at home,” the musician wrote. I’m safe there, and the love I get from Pakistan is incredible. I’ll be back even more frequently. I adore my audience! “Pakistan Zindabad!”. 

The Romanian singer has performed in Pakistan on multiple occasions. Announcement by Akcent was warmly received by Pakistani followers. “Welcome!!!!” said actress Ayesha Omar, followed by a heart emoji. 

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