Rickshaw scheme to start by Rawalpindi Zakat Committee

Rawalpindi Zakat Committee Rickshaw

The Rawalpindi District Zakat Committee has released the grant of Rs 47, 95,875 to the students of 8 big religious institutions in the form of financial help, scholarships, to fulfill the needs of these institutions and awarding free rickshaw for self-employment.

The preparation of a free rickshaw scheme for self-employment has been reserved for the stage. Ghulam Hassan Khan, the Chairman of District Zakat Committee told that the aid of millions of rupees has been released to the hospitals for free treatment of deserving patients. Deserving patients are now being freely treated there.

776 students of religious institutions have also been funded in the form of scholarships. In the new financial students, the number of deserving people will be more and the financial range will also be extended. The families living below the poverty line will be helped in the form of releasing funds to them for the purchase of rickshaws so that they may start their own business.

This Rickshaw scheme has been prepared which is on the last stage and will be announced soon by Rawalpindi Zakat Committee.

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Moreover, a high-level meeting in the Commissioner Office Rawalpindi will be held headed by Dr. Yasmin Rashid provincial minister for health. The meeting will focus to overview the medical treatment system in government hospitals, the current situation of COVID-19, and expected dengue problems. Also, to issue the healthcare guideline in this regard.
Deserving patients are being treated freely in hospitals.

Deputy Commissioner Anwar ul Haq, vice-chancellor Rawalpindi medical college prof. Dr. Muhammad Umar, medical superintendents of four government hospitals, chief executive health authority, DDOs, and health focal persons will attend this important meeting.

So far, efforts, done to control the expected dengue virus will also be discussed in detail, along with the current situation of coronavirus will also be overviewed.

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