Pakistani teenagers develop world’s first game to help fight Covid-19

Pakistani teenagers Covid-19 game

The world’s first game to help fight against COVID-19 pandemic is developed by two Pakistani self-trained teenagers Nabhan (13) and Kenan (14). The whiz kids designed and developed a game named Stop the Spread to help everyone recognize the importance of social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands frequently.

The game was first released back in April and updated regularly with the latest addition.

The main aim behind the Stop the Spread game is to make users learn from it. Users are also encouraged to share the acquired knowledge with friends and family in order to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

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Pakistani teenagers developed Covid-19 game without professional training

The interesting part of the game development is both kids Nabhan and Kenan have never been to any school or get training from tutor. Designing, coding, modeling, web server handling, web hosting and animation everything was done by these kids as everything was taught by themselves since childhood.

There are total six levels included in the game:
Level 1: Facts & Myths
Level 2: Protection
Level 3: Preventions
Level 4: Symptoms
Level 5: Walk the Talk
Level 6: SOAPY to the rescue

First four levels are related to learning phase. The fifth level only unlocks once you have learned enough all the four levels and eligible to practice what you have learned in public.

In the next stage if a player performs well by following standard operating procedures (SOPs) he will be permitted to enter the final stage. The final round of the game is a classic arcade game and players will enjoy the round while eradicating coronavirus from the world.

Play video games and avoid stress

The “Stop and Spread” game is very beneficial for stressed ones as they are stuck in their houses for over 5 months now with no activity.

The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends people to play video games in order to prevent the spread of the deadly disease.

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