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Dr Ruth Pfau remembered on her death anniversary

Dr Ruth Pfau remembered

Dr Ruth Pfau was remembered on her third death anniversary in Pakistan. She served Pakistanis for 57 years and continued her job until her last breath. After giving the gift of a smile to millions of faces, the great Ruth died on 10th August 2017 in Karachi. She was born on 9th September 1929 in Germany and came to Pakistan on 8th March 1960.

She had the aim to completely eliminate the Leprosy disease. She devoted her full life to this noble purpose. She inspired a number of leprosy patients to live like normal people and for that, she used her best skills to eliminate leprosy from the patients.

The name of civil hospital Karachi was changed to Ruth Pfau Civil Hospital for her immense services for humanity. In 1963, she established the Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre on brunc road Karachi. At this reputed center, the patients of leprosy and TB have been treated free even today.

In 1988, Dr Ruth Pfau was offered the citizenship of Pakistan and always remembered for wholehearted contribution in eradicating leprosy.

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Due to the efforts of this great personality, UNO included the name of Pakistan in those countries which are striving their best for eradicating the leprosy. Marie Adelaide Leprosy Centre’s CEO Lobo said that I have been a member of the Ruth Pfau team and traveled with her many times. She was our teacher. She taught us that leprosy is a germ that effected the skin and if it is not treated well in time, this germ can affect the pulse which may create a lot of health issues.

At the time when Ruth Pfau started her noble efforts to eliminate leprosy from Pakistan, this disease was a threat to the whole world and it was difficult for an underdeveloped country like Pakistan to face the challenge of vanishing the dangerous disease. It was Dr. Pfau who’s undying and sincere efforts made Pakistan free of Leprosy. The people of Pakistan can never forget the services of Dr Ruth Pfau.

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