Reopening of the cottage industry and restaurants demanded

cottage industry and restaurants

The RCCI and PCSTI wants the government to focus on the grievances of the cottage industry, furniture retailers and restaurants amid Covid-19 and smart lockdown.

Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Saboor Malik and Peshawar Chamber of Small Traders and Industry president Mohammad Atif Haleem have recently on separate occasions said that due to the lockdown, the business of cottage industry, small industries, furniture retailers, restaurants have been affected largely.

“These two major industries are considered as the economic barometers of any country – small and medium enterprises and cottage industry. The growth of these two important sectors help flourish the country’s economy,” Saboor Malik said.

He suggested that their businesses should be allowed to operate seven days a week under strict SOPs.

The president added that due to the hefty losses caused by the lockdown imposed to curtail the COVID-10 spread, the government should now provide these businesses interest-free loans.

“The status of cottage industry should be revived and the government should provide concessions against six months rents. Concession on property tax should also be announced by the governments,” he demanded.

After Cottage Industry traders also wants reopening of restaurants

Many people have become jobless or unemployed due to lockdown, for this purpose, traders again demanded the government to reopen all cottage industry, restaurants and marriage halls. They also said to review the decision of lockdown. They said all activities should again be started under standard operating procedures.

Peshawar Chamber of Small Traders and Industry president Mohammad Atif Haleem said that extended lockdown has affected many business activities and several traders are suffering financially to the extent that they have become unable to resuscitate their business.

Further, in the meeting, it was also discussed that thousands of people’s earning was attached to marriage halls and catering services but the lockdown has badly affected them. Now they are unable to feed their children or pay the house rent or pay utility bills as they have no financial support, not even from the government.

Mr. Haleem said that traders were paying different types of taxes regularly but the negative impacts on their businesses would also affect the state revenue. He said that the government should announce a relief package for the affected businesses and allow the owners to pay the utility bills in easy installments.

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