KPK businessmen demand reopening of all business activities


The whole businessmen community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa call for a complete end to lockdown and presented a 48-point charter of demands for reopening business activities in the province.

The government received a charter from the businessmen community in which the complete end of lockdown is one of the points including the lifting of the ban on wheat transportation from Punjab to KPK, early payment of tax refunds, and one-year tax waiver to recover the halted business activities due to coronavirus in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The activities for 5 days a week has been rejected by several trader bodies and industrialists. The government allowed only 5 days of activities a week but while addressing a news conference in the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday, the traders and industrialists’ representatives completely denied to follow such SOPs that were made to stop the spread of pandemic coronavirus.

Maqsood Pervaiz the SSCI president presented the demands to end the restrictions for traders, industrialists, exporters and importers, and people also. He also asked the federal government to immediately issue tax refunds without any discrimination. The ban on wheat transportation from Punjab to KPK was also asked to be removed in order to avoid the flour crisis.

There was a surety given by the traders that they were ready to extend full cooperation with the administration to follow SOPs in markets. The press was also told that traders are facing a severe financial crisis due to the never ending lockdown.

Mr. Maqsood said that the rush of people in markets is due to the limited duration of opening it, “If the restrictions are removed, the people will be able to maintain social distancing”, he said.

Businessmen and traders asked the government to allow them to open all business activities throughout the week and they assured the authorities that SOPs will be followed.

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