Danish Kaneria threatens to sue anyone who links him with match fixing

Danish Kaneria

After Saleem Malik, now Danish Kaneria his fellow ex-cricketer whose name was also involved in match fixing threatens everyone to take legal action against those who bring his name in the match fixing or spot fixing scandals.

Danish Kaneria was also banned for life to play cricket after caught in a match fixing scandal a decade ago. The statement was in a response to Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) letters which reads that the former Pakistani spinner will not get any relief from the board.

The former Pakistani leg Spinner Danish Kaneria showed up on Twitter via video message in which player showed the PCB’s letter, however former player denied the linkage with spot fixing incident and claimed that unlike Saleem Malik his case is different and nothing to do with match fixing. After that, he gave the statement that anybody who links him with spot or match fixing will face legal action.

It is relevant to mention here that former Pakistani Cricketer Saleem Malik admitted his wrongdoing in a written form and submitted to PCB, also threatened to charge anyone who called him a match fixer.

The right-arm leg spinner known for unique bowling style and his well-disguised googly represented the Pakistani cricket team in Test and ODI between 2000 and 2010.

Pakistan Cricket Board must focus on controlling these types of matters which does not just damage the reputation of the game but also portrays a negative image of the country to the world.

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