Crackdown started against illegal business of poisonous gases in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi crackdown poisonous gases

Under the instructions of Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi Anwar Ul Haq crackdown has been started throughout the Rawalpindi district against the illegal business of poisonous gases.

DC Rawalpindi has directed to take strict strict action against 258 factories, wholesale dealers, and retailers, engaged in production and supply of illegal, without license\NOC of ammonia gas and other poisonous gases.

Moreover, the business of producing and supplying poisonous gases in thickly populated areas, big markets, and wholesale markets, has also been ordered to move out from these places. Deputy Commissioner has also directed the consultants and staff to submit the report of a crackdown on a weekly basis.

Teams comprising senior instructors Sadaf Zahoor, Nasir Kyani, Raja Kamran and Haleema Sadia, have been made. Factories/businesses busy in the activity of producing and supplying poisonous gases are known to be concentrated at Pirwadhai, Dhok Hasso, National Markert Satellite town, Khayaban E Sir Syed, Khadda Market, Pirwadhai Mor Peshawar Road, Gawal Mandi, Ghazni Road, and akaal gar.

In the first step of the crackdown, the poisonous gases businesses will be issued red notice and all illegal gas agencies in Rawalpindi will be sealed. These poisonous gases are used in ice factories, cold storage, cement factories, etc. The business of poisonous gases has been in operation in the city since long but no effective action has ever been taken in this direction. These poisonous gases in the populated areas are like atomic material.

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In the past, the cases of an explosion in the thickly populated areas due to the presence of these hazardous components took place a lot of time and it was required that all the factories and businesses engaged in this hazardous activity may either be stopped or expelled from the thickly populated areas.

The recent action taken by Deputy Commissioner Anwar ul Haq has been applauded by the people of Rawalpindi. This action will save the lives of people especially living in the thickly populated areas.

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