PSO introduces Euro 5 diesel after first cargo reached Karachi

PSO Euro 5 Diesel

Pakistan State Oil (PSO) has become the first Oil Marketing Company (OMC) to introduce low pollution Euro 5 diesel after the first cargo vessel reached Karachi on Thursday.

Starting today Monday 28 December, the oil marketing company will start selling Euro 5 high cetane diesel in the main cities of the country. The company will update its price chart and unveil the new prices on the first day of sales, according to our sources.

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In addition, the Government of Pakistan bans any fuel of poorer quality than Euro 5 from being marketed. Only Euro 5 diesel and petrol will soon be sold in the region, the sources said.

Euro 5 Diesel in Pakistan

Pakistan has had a fair share of the country’s low-quality fuel. The public had to bear with the low-grade petrol and diesel to power the engines of their cars for years and years.

Recently, Pakistan adopted the Euro 5 Petrol Emission Requirements in 2020. Euro 5 fuel is now available in most parts of the country. However, many gasoline stations still offer petrol of lower quality.

Diesel, on the other hand, in the country overall, is very poor in efficiency. Pakistani cars run on Euro 2 diesel fuel to this day. Fortunately, the PSO is taking the first step towards improving that.

The PSO has got its hands-on Pakistan’s first Euro 5 diesel shipment ever and is all set to market it to the public. Euro 5 high cetane diesel will be available at PSO stations in the main cities of Pakistan from Monday, 28 December, i.e., Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

2020 has been very productive in the country as far as the fuel quality in Pakistan is concerned. Not only do we have Euro 5 petrol in the country, but we will be able to enjoy Euro 5 diesel too.

What Are Euro Emission Standards?

The Euro Emission Standards are fuel regulations set by the European Union aimed at controlling the emissions of toxic vehicles and mitigating their environmental effects. In general, to date, there are six Euro requirements.

Higher Euro requirements mean improved fuel quality with lower NOx quantities (Nitrogen Oxides). The entire world is compliant with the new Euro Emission requirements to ensure:

  • Lesser engine emissions
  • Better engine performance
  • A cleaner and greener environment

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