PM Shehbaz welcomes UAE’s planned $1 billion investment in Pakistan

billion investment

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif showed gratitude to the statement issued by the United Arab Emirates to invest $1 billion in different economic and investment regions in Pakistan. 

During a telephonic conversation with UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif welcomed the investment planning officially. 

According to UAE’s state news agency last week, the UAE is looking forward to investing $ 1 billion in different divisions of Pakistani companies. 

The step will likely assist recover investor plans in the nation, which has been adversely affected by deteriorating foreign exchange assets as well as a dwindling rupee. 

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Shehbaz Sharif formerly thanked UAE president through a tweet, for the never-ending support through investment in Pakistan’s different fields.  

Moreover, during the discussion with the UAE president, PM Shehbaz stressed the substantial support provided by the Gulf country to Pakistan throughout history and express gratitude to him. 

Both leaders also shared views on the issues of mutual interest, according to the PM Office declaration. 

Reiterating the close brotherly ties between both countries, the two leaders showed commitment to work closely to further improve mutual cooperation in various sectors. 

Meanwhile, PM Shehbaz presented his sympathies on the damage caused as a result of the floods in the Emirates, causing the loss of valuable lives of gulf nationals along with Pakistani citizens. 

The premier also showed his sincere sympathies with the Emirati brethren. 

During the discussion, the UAE president also shared his deepest commiserations on the loss of precious lives in floods in Pakistan as well as on the martyrdom of military officials in the recent helicopter crash incident. 

While recalling the decisions made during PM Shehbaz’s visit to the UAE in April 2022, both the leaders reviewed the development and committed to further boosting trade and economic relations, with the intention to accelerate collaboration and building corporations in sectors like investments, power, and structure development. 

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