PM Imran notes COVID-19 cases in decline, urges caution on Eid

Imran COVID-19 cases Eid

Prime Minister Imran Khan, while urging the nation to celebrate Eid ul Azha by strictly following standard operating procedures (SOPs), has said that Pakistan is among those fortunate countries where the COVID-19 cases in hospitals have declined and the death rate has also decreased.

Imran Khan tweeted about the Covid-19 situation in Pakistan and compared the situation of India with Pakistan. In two-part tweets on Friday, the prime minister highlighted that Pakistan was “amongst the fortunate countries where Covid-19 cases in hospitals, especially in intensive care and death rate have gone down, unlike in our unfortunate neighbour India”.

PM Imran urges caution on Eid to keep COVID-19 cases in check

He attributed the falling number of cases to the smart lockdown policy that identifies Covid-19 hotspots followed by a lockdown and the nation observing government issued SOPs. He urged people to continue taking preventive measures during Eid to sustain the positive trend.

PM Khan reiterated the importance of celebrating the upcoming Eidul Azha with simplicity and warned the nation not to repeat what happened during Eidul Fitr when SOPs were ignored and it led to hospitals getting choked.

“I am ordering strict implementation of government SOPs,” he added.

On Thursday, July 9, 2020, Prime Minister had appealed to the nation to stay careful on Eid and to take precautionary measures so that coronavirus may not spread in the country. He said that while addressing the media after the inauguration of the isolation hospital and infectious treatment center in Islamabad.

Mr. Khan further added, “Today, I want to make a special appeal to you all: if we are careless on Eidul Azha, the virus could spread again and there could be a fresh spike in the number of infections. Hospitals will come under pressure again. So I’m appealing to you all to mark this Eid with simplicity.”

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