SOPs formulated for reopening schools in Punjab

Punjab schools SOPs

New SOPs are formulated for both government and private schools in Punjab after it was decided that schools will reopen from September 15.

Ministry of Education, Punjab has prepared new strict and foolproof standard operating procedures to save the students from coronavirus in all the private and government educational institutions in the whole Punjab. These SOPs have been sent to the competent authorities for approval.

According to the SOPs, there would be no assembly in the morning in any private or government school, there would be no break during the school timings, all classrooms, teachers staffrooms and washrooms will be properly sanitized in the morning, only two students would sit at a desk instead of three, students and teachers will not be allowed to exchange pen, pencil, paper, eraser, and food also, no handshaking and hugging would be allowed in the classroom.

According to the SOPs for schools of Punjab, only three subjects; Maths, English and Science would be taught and there would be homework for the remaining subjects. A classroom will comprise of only 20 students, in the case of more students, there would be morning and evening shifts. At the time of entry in the morning, the temperature of the whole staff and students would be checked.

Teachers, staff, and students suffering from flu, fever, or cough will not be allowed to enter the school. Students would be given sanitizers, everyone would compulsorily wear the mask. In Washrooms, there would be arrangements of soap, water, and towel.

These SOPs have been welcomed by the people of Punjab in general but the question arises, what will be the monitoring system. If a proper monitoring system is not formulated, the coronavirus which has been effectively handled in Pakistan may revert. It is required that the heads of the institutions may be held responsible in case of violation of SOPs, also the big number of the monitory team may also be formed to check the flouting of SOPs in all educational institutions all over the province.

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