WHO urges two-week intermittent lockdown, more tests

WHO intermittent lockdown

Pakistan has been reported to be among the top 10 countries with the highest number of new cases of coronavirus and now WHO has urged a two-week intermittent lockdown for the country to control the spike in cases.

World Health Organization has ranked Pakistan among the 10 countries with the highest number of new cases, as a result, the government has been advised to enhance the testing capacity to 50,000 so that actual number of cases many come in front, as many people are still hidden who have the disease, some of them either fear getting tested positive and many are deprived of testing facility.

WHO showed concern over the hasty lifting of restrictions and said in a letter to the four provinces that Pakistan does not meet any of the prerequisites for the opening of the lockdown. This statement of WHO made Pakistan one of the highly vulnerable countries. Cases in the country have reached an alarming level.

It is an alert for the country for having a high positivity rate, the serious condition and poor efforts of the government in this regard can be a red signal for the country.

According to WHO, there is very limited capacity to provide critical care as there are only 751 ventilators allocated for coronavirus patients. People are not ready to follow SOPs. This is why now is the need to take strategic decisions to either tighten or loosen public health measures.

“These decisions will require the need to balance response directly to Covid-19, which includes intermittent lockdown of target areas as a first option and should be dealt on priority basis while simultaneously engaging in strategic planning and coordinated action to maintain essential health services delivery, mitigating the risk of system collapse,” World Health Organization said.

“As of today, Pakistan does not meet any of the pre-requisite conditions for opening the lockdown” stressed WHO.

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