Pay Rs 300 fine for not wearing face masks while driving

wearing masks

Punjab traffic police started a new method to curtail the spread of coronavirus by imposing Rs 300 fine on commuters for not wearing face masks while riding a bike or driving a car.

According to the news, the traffic police will be collecting the fine on the spot. So for your own safety and others, you must wear a mask.

Traffic police will also issue a second challan if people are found not wearing masks after first fine. For those who travel alone are also advised to wear a mask as police are also stopping people who are driving alone.

Online Challan Payment will be used by the Traffic Police to collect fines on the spot through the electronic transaction system.

Save yourself from disturbance and avoid Rs 300 by wearing Rs 20 masks.

Police ensure people are wearing face masks

In the month of June, the Federal and Punjab government instructed the citizen that wearing masks is compulsory.

The Chief Traffic Police Officer (CTO) of Lahore Syed Hammad Raza addressed the media regarding the efforts of Traffic Police in controlling the spread of the virus.

CTO Lahore said that eight teams are allocated to monitor and control the spread in Lahore. Traffic wardens are also playing a vital role in this process added by CTO Lahore.

Punjab Police department is following a strict policy and entry is banned in the police stations without masks.

Government steps for virus control

Furthermore, the government of Pakistan is also proactively observing the situation on the ground and using the trace-and-track system to identify areas as virus hotspots. The local administration is then involved to impose a smart lockdown in that entire area to prevent coronavirus.

Recently Islamabad administration also mandated all the city dwellers to wear a face mask when out in public places. Fine of Rs 3000 would be slapped on the individuals who are found not wearing face masks.

These decisions are now in full display as total cases in Pakistan have exceeded 243,599 and 5,058 people have died from the contagious virus, while 149,092 corona patients have recovered from COVID-19 pandemic.

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