Pakistan’s exports to seven regional countries rose to $4.6 billion during FY22

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Pakistan’s exports to the seven regional countries showed an increase of 16.97 percent during the twelve months of the financial year (2021-22), against the corresponding period a year ago. 

The country’s exports to seven regional countries comprising Afghanistan, Bangladesh, China, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives recorded a small amount of $4591.998 million, making 14.15 percent of Pakistan’s total exports of $32450.087 million during July-June (2021-22), according to the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). 

As per the data, China tops the list of countries with regard to Pakistan’s exports to its neighboring countries, leaving behind other nations like Afghanistan and Bangladesh. 

Pakistan’s exports to China recorded a growth of 36.08 percent to $2781.480 million against $2043.887 million a year ago while exports to Bangladesh also rose by 41.28 percent to $870.604 million from $616.702 million. 

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However, the country’s export to Afghanistan declined by 43.81 percent to $552.518 million during the time under review from $983.314 million while exports to India also showed a decrease of 44.47 percent to $1.292 million from $2.327. 

Likewise, exports to Sri Lanka increased by 38.72 percent to $373.412 million against $269.168 million last year while exports to Nepal also showed an increase of 26.20 percent to $5.775 million from $4.576 million. Besides, Pakistan’s exports to the Maldives also surged by 14.29 percent to $6.917 million from $6.052 million, the SBP data revealed. 

In contrast, the imports from seven regional countries were registered at $17813.680 million during the period under review against $13830.768 million during last year, an increase of 28.79 percent. 

The imports from China during July-June 2021-22 were reported at $17296.838 million compared to the $13301.183 million in July-June 2020-21, an increase of 30.03 percent during the period. Among the other countries, imports from India remained at $187.663 million compared to the imports of $187.785 million, showing a decrease of 0.06 percent, whereas imports from Afghanistan also showed a decreasing trend of 17.84 percent from $179.228 million to $147.249 million. 

The SBP further revealed that imports from Sri Lanka saw a 3.96 percent decrease from $85.102 million to $81.728 million while Pakistani imports from Bangladesh were noted at $97.500 million against $76.134 million during last year. 

Similarly, the imports from Nepal showed an increase of 12.62 percent from $1.244 million to $1.3001 million, it said. 

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