Pakistan’s regional exports increase 30.9 percent in five months

regional exports

The exports of Pakistan to the seven regional countries observed an upsurge of 30.90 percent in the first five months of the present financial year (2021-22), compared to the equivalent months of last year.

According to a report issued from State Bank of Pakistan the country’s exports to the regional countries comprising China, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and the Maldives account for a minor amount of $1687.848 million, which is 13.68 percent of Pakistan’s general exports of $12330.070 million in July-November (2021-22).

China is at the top of the list of countries in terms of Pakistan’s exports to its adjacent, leaving behind other nations such as Afghanistan and Bangladesh.

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Moreover, exports to China showed growth of 65.35 percent to $1018.129 million in five months of the current year from $615.738 million in last year whereas exports to Bangladesh also showed an increase of 44.06 percent to $316.664 million from $219.813 million.

However, Pakistan’s exports to Afghanistan decreased by 43.67 percent to $207.407 million this year from $368.265 million while exports to India rushed by an enormous 92.38 percent from $1.839 to $0.140 million as the government has adjourned trade relations with India.

Likewise, exports to Sri Lanka increased by 74.38 percent from $79.773 million to $139.113 million in the last year while exports to Nepal also hiked by 100.27 percent from $1.848 million to $3.701 million.

Besides exports to the Maldives plunged up by 29.14 percent from $2.086 million to $2.694 million, the report added.

Instead, the imports from seven regional countries were chronicled at $7170.739 million in the period under analysis as compared to $4731.045 million during last year, displaying an upsurge of 51.56 percent.

Moreover, the imports from China in July-November 2021-22 were noted at $6958.038 million besides the $4537.797 million during July-November 2020-21, displaying an increase of 53.33 percent during the period.

Among other nations, imports from India continued at $80.145 million as compared to the imports of $65.906 million, a decrease of 17.76 percent.

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