Pakistani YouTuber Rehan Allahwala aims to end poverty with business videos

Rehan Allahwala

A Pakistani YouTuber, Rehan Allahwala aims to eradicate poverty from the planet by educating people with his videos in which he imparts his entrepreneurial experiences.

In an exclusive interview, he said that educating people has been his personal goal over the past 11 years, starting from scratch and now reaching out to almost 141,000 people.

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“To reach out to people, in my experience, the fastest way is dramas or movies. In order to get to dramas or movies, I needed the script and the content. So, I started creating content in shapes of courses to teach. Then, I made books out of those courses. Then, I started making documentaries out of those courses. And then my next goal is to make movies and dramas out of those courses.”

“So, if somebody wants to learn how to start a business without money, all he has to do is watch a movie for hour and a half. There may be lots of movies about it but I wanted to add my version of success,” he said.

Rehan Allahwala added he started making YouTube videos in 2005. “I was using a prehistoric phone back then. I actually got serious only five years ago. Because YouTube was blocked in Pakistan by the government, nobody would ever be able to use it. I was posting videos of my children. One of the videos which went viral was my daughter’s video when she was three years old. I think I made $1,000 of that video. And she was just reading a poem,” he said.

He further told that he started his first business at the age of 13 when he sold computer games, made computer accessories, and then started an email company, an internet company, and a telecom company.

“I started over 100 companies in five different countries,” he said. “So, everything I have experienced is what my topic is about. I think travel is where I get most of my content from. In Urdu ‘Suffer’ actually means travel, however in English it is pain. When you ‘suffer’ in Urdu and English together, you learn a lot of things.”

“I traveled to 80-plus countries, I’ve lived in five countries. I’ve done, about 100-plus businesses in my life.”

“I saw a whole different world out there. And I started talking about that so that people could see what I saw. Most of my content is about trying to wake people up and start to think and have more experiences and have more experiential learning,” Rehan Allahwala said.

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