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YouTuber reunites Pakistani woman with her family in India after 70 years

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A Pakistani woman named Daphia Bai was separated from her family from India during the partition in 1947 and she finally reunited with her loved ones through a YouTuber.

The partition of Pakistan and India was the division of a place always considered inseparable and, therefore, millions of people sacrificed their lives and even till now, hundreds and thousands of people are in trauma, many lost their families and their self-esteem. Hundreds of broken people and broken families still live on both sides of the border who have hidden themselves in a shell and no one is there to ask them their deep pain.

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The horrors of partition have long infiltrated the subcontinent with countless people reliving the trauma, loss, and the wounds of separation years after the region was divided into India and Pakistan and so Pakistani YouTuber Muhammad Alamgir tried to show us these feelings.

One such story is of a Pakistani woman Daphia Bai residing in Punjab, Pakistan, and who was only able to reconnect with her family in India 70 years after partition, with the help of Pakistani YouTuber Muhammad Alamgir. He requested people to share his video as much as possible, spoke about the effects of the divide, and how it impacted Bai for years before she could get in touch with her family in the town of Morkhana, Bikaner district, Rajasthan, 266 kilometers away.

She started speaking as she was reminding the names of her grandparents, brother, and sisters who were in a land across the border. “I spent all my life crying, offering money, ghee to people to help locate my family,” Her grandson, Naseer Khan added, “she used to tell us about a place in India which had a lot of peacocks…. she used to talk about attending her uncle’s wedding in that town.”

This YouTuber had a tough time finding her loved ones in India but finally succeeded, Bai reconnected with her loved ones over the video, she was visibly teary-eyed, overwhelmed with emotions that consumed her.

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