PomPak, Pakistan first financial learning game


PomPak is the first online financial literacy game based on financial learning which is a project of State Bank of Pakistan. The app crossed the 50,000 mark on Play Store. For those of you who want to enhance money management skills and financial knowledge should also download this application and start learning finances in a new way.

The announcement was made via Twitter from SBP that says Play #PomPak-Learn to Earn, an online game on #financialliteracy by @nflpypk (a project of #SBP) & take control of your financial future. For details visit: 

As per the National Financial Literacy Program for Youth, the first kind of e-learning program conveyed through an attractive and communicating way.

The main goal behind the development of the application is to improve resource managing abilities and to provide a better learning platform of finance for the young generation of Pakistan. The app is specifically designed to target different age groups started from, Children (9-12), Teenagers (13-17), and Youth (18-29). During the game, you will learn how to become a master in the business decision as well as you will handle personal and financial decisions as well.

After exploring the application for some hours you will be familiar with budgeting, borrowing, saving, and banking with other topics. There will be questions asked from the user in order to check out the brain level of the student.

PomPak delivered its lessons in English and Urdu language. This is a story based app which assists you to understand and apply norms and values of financial literacy in daily lives.

The further features of the application are as follow;
  • Age group section
  • Start the quest by meeting with family
  • Complete up to 53 financial models
  • Compete in multiple challenges
  • Discover maps and build land and achieve ranks
  • Get to know the banking sector as well as Islamic banking
  • Learn how to spend and be a master in savings
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