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Pakistani mountaineer Asad Memon sets his eyes on conquering the mighty Denali

Asad Memon

Asad Memon, a Pakistani Mountaineer is aiming to conquer his fourth summit of the Seven Summit Challenge after first embarking on the challenge two years ago. 

As mountaineering is getting popular among youth after the death of Ali Sadpara, a young boy wants to conquer fourth summit of the Seven Summit Challenge. He will make an attempt next month to summit the highest peak of North America, Denali. 

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Memon told the media, “I have not stopped since I began the challenge. As soon as I summit a mountain, I want to climb the next one. I want the name of Sindh to be in the books of mountain climbing, and that is why I have taken up the challenge to summit all seven peaks of the world.”  

Asad Memon becomes first Pakistani to speed ascend Kilimanjaro

Asad has undertaken multiple expeditions during the last 2 months. He climbed Mount Elbrus in Russia (Europe’s highest peak), Mount Aconcagua in Argentina (highest South American peak), and recently he ascended and descended Mt. Kilimanjaro (at 20,000ft, the highest in Africa) in 20 hours, becoming the youngest Pakistani to achieve the feat. 

Asad Memon now aims to climb the 20,130ft Denali that is the third most isolated peak on Earth, after Mount Everest and Aconcagua. He is of view that the summit will open up more learning opportunities and a new chapter of climbing.  

“I want to experience climbing solo in the Arctic zone, known for its brutal conditions, where there is no one to help,” said Memon. 

“People were going up and down [on their own] on all the mountains I have climbed. I took the assistance of a porter or an animal. Like in Argentina, it’s a flat hike till base camp, which takes 3-4 days, but there is an option to let animals carry the heavy load while you carry the light load. But unlike the rest, Denali is deadly,” he added that just a couple of days back, a person died there, and another was injured as they were all alone. 

He has set his eyes to summit Denali in as little time as possible.  

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