Pakistani engineer kicked a luxurious job for passion of raising, selling parrots

engineer parrots

A British-Pakistani aerospace engineer has left his engineering job to follow his desire to breed and sell different types of parrots from across the world.

According to details, 30-year-old Abdul Sattar Hussain got his education at the University of Hertfordshire, worked at London City Airport, and afterward moved to an aerospace engineering society office in central London.

During the period of COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, he changed his attention to peddling birds from a shed in his home and in a little while making a decision to resign from his beneficial job to focus on his passion. He also started to breed birds, including the famous Pakistani mia mitthoo parrot.

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To fulfill his passion, the aerospace engineer started selling parrots and other birds online from a residential area and soon there were consumers queuing outside his house to view and buy birds.

 “The bird died suddenly after eight years of keeping him and I was heartbroken. I cried so much and even today I miss him a lot. It’s amazing how one can develop a bond with animals,” Sattar told the media in an interview.

Moreover, he stated, “It got so busy, I even started to sell rabbits, guinea pigs, and even chickens. I had more money coming in than my professional job would pay me every month. Now one would think that was easy; I tell you it wasn’t. The neighbors complained because of the noises the animals would make, and as I was in a rented home I had no space to keep my growing collection”.

He thanked his family, especially his wife, and said she was very supportive of this new venture. “Eventually we had to leave. The landlord gave us an option to either get rid of my animals and stay or leave if I decide to keep them. We chose to leave and found a home where we had more space and I had the permission to keep animals,” he explained.

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