Leading UK university honors Pakistani educationist with doctorate

Pakistani educationist

The University of Hertfordshire conferred an honorary doctorate of education degree to a Pakistani educationist as a credit of his contributions to the growth of teaching and learning and for authorizing a number of students in Pakistan with quality education. 

According to the report, Chaudhry Faisal Mushtaq was the person to receive the degree of doctorate of education, which the university rewards only to cases of remarkable contribution in the ground of educational growth, communal change, and enlargement in the education sector. 

The award ceremony was conducted at the St Albans Cathedral in St Albans. Approximately 500 students and families showed their presence in the ceremony and received their diplomas. It was the University of Hertfordshire’s first huge public event after almost two years of lockdown. 

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Furthermore, the board of university determined universally to grant Mushtaq the distinction in recognition of his obsessive and incomparable contributions to the expansion of teaching and learning, society, and education at large in Pakistan. 

Speaking to the media after the occasion, the Pakistani educationist said: “This recognition is dedicated to my country Pakistan, for me teaching and learning is a journey, not a destination — the global endorsement further strengthens my pledge to contribute towards a holistic yet inclusive education provision at home aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGs 2030 goals and It shall allow me to reinforce my commitment towards a knowledge society.’’ 

University of Hertfordshire Vice-Chancellor Prof McKellar said: “Faisal Mushtaq is an extraordinary man. He has established schools and colleges in Pakistan. He has now developed a very strong relationship with the University of Hertfordshire to teach students to the degree level. We have developed a fabulous relationship with Faisal. We know that he has great plans for the future. He’s very conscious that education is the foundation of all kinds of success and he’s striving to instill that in Pakistan.” 

Besides this, current Arsenal Captain and Team GB Olympian Kim Little, leading football pundit and former England Footballer Alex Scott MBE, and former England Footballer Luther Blissett was also awarded a doctorate degree. 

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