Pakistani auto companies massively increase car prices across entire lineups

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Toyota, Kia, Changan, Suzuki, Honda, Proton, Haval, and Prince DFSK have increased their car prices and they linked the increases to the rising dollar rate.

New Car Prices Honda Atlas  

Here are the current prices of Honda cars. 

Honda City Prices 

According to the announcement, the new Honda City prices are as follows:  

  • The Honda City 1.2L Manual now costs Rs. 4,049,000 as opposed to the old Rs. 3,264,000, which is a difference of Rs. 785,000. 
  • In addition, the price of the second Honda City 1.2L CVT model has gone up by Rs. 810,000 to Rs. 4,199,000 from Rs. 3,389,000. 
  • The third Honda City 1.5L CVT variant’s new pricing is Rs. 4,439,000 as compared to the previous Rs. 3,589,000, which is an increase of Rs. 850,000. 
  • The price of the Honda City 1.5L Aspire Manual has increased by Rs. 880,000 to Rs. 4,609,000 from Rs. 3,729,000. 
  • The price of the Honda City 1.5L Aspire CVT increased by Rs. 900,000, going from Rs. 3,899,000 to Rs. 4,799,000. 

Honda Civic Prices 

Here is the Honda Civic pricing as provided by the company: 

  • The price of the Honda Civic Standard has increased by Rs. 1,250,000, going from Rs. 5,549,000 to Rs. 6,799,000. 
  • The price of the Honda Civic Oriel has raised by Rs. 1,300,000 to Rs. 7,099,000 from Rs. 5,799,000. 
  • The price of the Honda Civic RS went up by Rs. 1,450,000, increasing it from Rs. 6,649,000 to Rs. 8,099,000. 

Honda BR-V 

  • The Honda BR-V CVT S’s price has also increased by Rs. 1,050,000 from its previous price of Rs. 4,249,000, making it now cost Rs. 5,299,000. 

Toyota Car Prices  

These are the revised prices of all Toyota cars. 

Toyota Corolla New Prices 

In Pakistan, there are now six different Toyota Corolla variants with price increases. 

  • The first one costs Rs. 4,899,000 and is a Corolla Altis X Manual 1.6. 
  • The Corolla Altis X Automatic 1.6 is next in line, which is now priced at Rs.5,139,000. 
  • Corolla Altis X Automatic 1.6 Special Edition (SE), the third option, now costs Rs. 5,639,000. 
  • The Corolla Altis X CVT-i 1.8, which is now available for Rs. 5,679,000. 
  • The following car Corolla Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8 Beige Interior is worth Rs. 6,149,000. 
  • The Corolla Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8 (Black Interior) is the final model and has a starting price of Rs. 6,189,000. 

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Revised Prices of Toyota Yaris 

Here is the updated price for the Toyota Yaris, which is the following vehicle and has six versions as well. 

  • The first one is the Yaris GLI MT 1.3, which costs Rs. 3,799,000. 
  • The Yaris ATIV MT 1.3 is the next vehicle, with a new price of Rs. 3,999,000. 
  • The Yaris GLI CVT 1.3 ranks third, with a new price of Rs. 4,039,000. 
  • The Yaris ATIV CVT 1.3 is the following vehicle, with a new price of Rs. 4,209,000. 
  • The Yaris ATIV X MT 1.5 is the fifth model, and it now costs Rs. 4,309,000. 
  • The last vehicle is the Yaris ATIV X CVT 1.5, which now costs Rs. 4,569,000 after the price rise. 

Toyota Revo Price Change 

The Toyota Revo’s new prices are as follows: 

  • The price of the Hilux E, the first model, has increased to Rs. 9,039,000. 
  • Next is the Hilux Revo G Manual 2.8, which price was raised to Rs. 9,819,000. 
  • The price of the third vehicle, the Hilux Revo G Automatic 2.8, is currently Rs. 10,299,000. 
  • The current price of the Hilux Revo V Automatic 2.8’s fourth model is Rs. 11,349,000. 
  • The Hilux Revo Rocco is the last one, with a new price of Rs. 11,999,000. 

New Rates of Toyota Fortuner 

The well-known SUV, Toyota Fortuner, comes last, and these are the updated prices for it. 

  • The Fortuner 2.7 G will now cost Rs. 12,489,000 as the first option. 
  • Next up is the Fortuner 2.7 V, which has a revised price of Rs. 14,279,000. 
  • Fortuner 2.8 Sigma 4 is the third variant, and it now costs Rs. 15,069,000. 
  • Fortuner Legender, now priced at Rs. 15,839,000. 

Revised Suzuki Car Prices 

Below are the new prices of all Suzuki models. 

Suzuki Alto 

The Suzuki 660cc hatchback’s revised prices are as follows:  

  • The base Alto VX version now costs Rs. 1,789,000, an increase of Rs. 314,000. The automobile previous price was Rs. 1,475,000. 
  • The price of the mid-variant Alto VXR has increased by Rs. 346,000 from the previous price of Rs. 1,733,000, bringing it to Rs. 2079,000. 
  • And the Alto AGS, the top-of-the-line variant, has increased by Rs. 388,000, and it is available now at Rs. 2,339,000. 

Suzuki Wagon R 

The 1000cc Suzuki Wagon R new prices are as follows:  

  • Wagon R VXR, the entry-level model, has increased by Rs. 465,000. In relation to the former price of Rs. 2,084,000, the new price is Rs. 2,549,000. 
  • Wagon R VXL, the mid-variant, has seen an increase of Rs. 5,00,000. Which brings the total price of the car to Rs. 2,199,000. 
  • Lastly, the top-tier Wagon R AGS variant would now cost Rs. 2,949,000 instead of Rs. 2,399,000. Wagon R AGS saw an increase of Rs. 5,50,000. 

Suzuki Cultus 

  • The base Cultus VXR variant’s new pricing, saw an increase of Rs. 549,000 and is now standing at Rs. 287,900. 
  • Cultus VXL, the mid-variant, will now cost Rs. 3,159,000 instead of Rs. 2,564,000. This implies a price increase of Rs. 595,000. 
  • Cultus AGS, at the top of the line, had a price increase of Rs. 617,000, going from Rs. 2,762,000 to Rs. 3,379,000. 

Suzuki Swift 

  • The base Swift GL Manual variant’s pricing has increased by Rs. 575,000 rupees to Rs. 3,349,000 from Rs. 2,774,000. 
  • The price of the Swift GL CVT mid-variant has increased by Rs. 601,000, and new price will be Rs. 3,599,000. The previous price of the Swift GL CVT was Rs. 2,998,000. 
  • The top-of-the-line Swift GLX CVT received a price increase of Rs. 661,000, increasing it from Rs. 3,298,000 to Rs. 3,959,000. 

Suzuki Bolan 

The following are the new Suzuki Bolan prices, which is also known as carry daba. 

  • Bolan CARGO now costs Rs. 1,566,000. Which was previously available at Rs. 1,315,000. The Bolan saw an increase of Rs. 251,000. 
  • The cost of the Bolan VAN has increased by Rs. 251,000 to Rs. 1,579,000 from Rs. 1,328,000. 

Suzuki Ravi 

  • The price of the Suzuki Ravi Ravi VX has increased by Rs. 243,000, going from Rs. 1,256,00 to Rs. 1,499,000. 

New Changan Car Prices  

Then comes the new prices of Changan cars. 

Changan Alsvin  

The updated prices for Changan Alsvin variants are listed below. 

  • As compared to its previous pricing of Rs 2,894,000, the base variant of Alsvin 1.3L M/T Comfort now costs Rs 3,394,000. An increase in price of Rs. 500,000. 
  • The cost of the Alsvin 1.5L DCT Comfort has also gone up by Rs. 500,000, bringing the vehicle’s price from Rs. 3,149,000 to Rs. 3,649,000. 
  • The price of the top-of-the-line Alsvin 1.5L DCT Lumiere variant has also increased by Rs. 500,000. The vehicle now costs Rs. 3,844,000 instead of Rs. 3,344,000. 

Changan Oshan  

Changan Oshan X7 models now have new prices. 

  • The price of the Changan Oshan X7 Comfort variant has increased from Rs. 6,050,000 to Rs. 7,449,000. There has been a Rs. 1,399,000 price increase. 
  • Oshan X7 FutureSense’s price has also gone up by Rs. 1,399,000, bringing it from its previous price of Rs. 6,350,000 to Rs. 7,749,000. 

Changan Karvaan  

  • Changan’s MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) costs have increased by Rs. 400,000; the new pricing are as follows. 
  • As opposed to the previous price of Rs. 2,069,000, the Karvaan Base model will now cost Rs. 2,469,000.  
  • The price of the Karvaan Plus model has increased by Rs. 400,000 from its previous price of Rs. 2,219,000 to Rs. 2,619,000. 

Changan M9 

  • The pick-up will now cost Rs. 2,184,000 instead of Rs. 1,784,000, according to Changan Sherpa (M9), who also noted a price increase of Rs. 400,000.  

Prince DFSK Car Prices  

Then we have the new prices of cars by Prince DFSK. 

DFSK Glory 

The price of the DFSK Glory SUV has increased significantly by Rs. 11.5 lac across all three models. 

  • As opposed to its previous price of Rs. 5,009,000, the base variant Glory 580 1.5L CVT will now cost Rs. 6,105,000. This implies a price increase of Rs. 1,096,000. 
  • The cost of the Glory 580 1.8L CVT has increased by Rs. 1,096,000, or from Rs. 5,160,000. The new price is now Rs. 6,256,000. 
  • As opposed to its previous price of Rs. 5,400,000, the top-tier Glory 580 Pro will now cost Rs. 6,5550,000. Consequently, there has been a Rs. 1,150,000 increase in pricing. 

Prince Pearl  

  • The price of the 800cc Prince Pearl hatchback has gone up by 386,000 rupees. In contrast to the previous price of Rs. 1,534,000, the car now costs Rs. 1,920,000. 

Prince K07  

  • Prince K07 minivan’s price has raised by Rs. 430,000 to Rs. 2,469,000. K07’s previous rate was Rs. 2,039,000. 

Proton Car Prices Increase Up To Rs. 900,000 

Proton Saga 

All three Saga models now cost Rs. 230,000 more thanks to a pricing increase by Proton. The sedan’s updated prices are listed below. 

  • Proton Saga Standard Manual’s new pricing has increased from Rs. 2,579,000 to Rs. 2,824,000. This indicates a 245,000-rupee price increase. 
  • The price of the Proton Saga Standard Automatic model has increased by Rs. 270,000 to Rs. 2,999,000 from Rs. 2,729,000. 
  • As compared to its previous pricing of Rs. 2,849,000, the Proton Saga Ace Automatic model now costs Rs. 3,149,000. This implies that the price increased by Rs. 300,000. 

New Prices of Proton X70 

The cost of both X70 models has increased by Rs. 650,000. The Proton crossover’s revised prices are listed below. 

  • The Proton X70 Premium FWD variant’s new price is Rs. 7,300,000 which has increased by Rs. 900,000 from the previous cost of Rs. 6,400,000. However, those who have an old booking will have to pay Rs. 7,100,000. 
  • The Proton X70 Executive AWD variant new price is Rs. 6,850,000 the Proton X70 Executive AWD saw an increase of Rs. 800,000. 

Haval H6 variants New Car Prices 

Finally, here are the updated Haval H6 pricing. 

  • The price of the Haval H6 1.5T has increased dramatically by Rs. 1,100,000, from Rs. 6,499,000 to Rs. 7,599,000. 
  • As opposed to its former price of Rs. 7,499,000, the Haval H6 2.0T now costs Rs. 8,799,000. Consequently, its cost has risen by Rs. 1,300,000. 

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