Pakistan Railways to receive 46 160 km/h high-speed train carriages from China

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According to the official broadcaster CCTV, China will transfer the technology for a 160 km/h high-speed train to Pakistan. 46 railway cars, the first batch, have been loaded and will be dispatched on November 3. 

Pakistan will get the components for another 184 carriages, which will then be put together, marking the first time China has exported the technology. China and Pakistan need to advance their economic corridor project more successfully and build out the Gwadar Sea Port’s infrastructure more quickly. 

President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif met earlier today and decided to enhance their strategic collaboration, including the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The two leaders met in the People’s Great Hall of China and discussed broad economic and investment cooperation in addition to exchanging opinions on local and international trends. 

Shehbaz and Xi also talked on how the two countries’ “all-weather strategic cooperation partnership” has to be further promoted. 

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In addition to meeting Premier Li Keqiang, he will probably also meet with Pakistani businesses and Chinese investors. The Pakistani premier arrived in Beijing on Tuesday for a two-day official visit with the Chinese president to meet with Chinese officials, review their “all-weather strategic cooperation relationship,” and talk about local and international affairs. 

The prime minister, who was leading a high-level group, was warmly welcomed by senior Chinese authorities when he arrived at the Beijing airport. Following the momentous 20th National Congress of the Communist Party (CPC) of China, during which Xi Jinping was chosen as the new general secretary of the party, the premier is one of the first world leaders to go to China. 

The project was signed on August 20, 2021, and CRRC Tangshan Co. produced the first batch of wide gauge railway carriages on August 26, 2022. 

According to the study, the coaches feature a novel design that completely satisfies the operational requirements for operating in Pakistan. They use a 1,676-millimeter wide-rail bogie that is lightweight and has a lightweight design under the presumption of ensuring structural strength of the body. 

The design is economical and energy-efficient since it can sustain both a high passenger capacity and a light axle weight. 

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