Pakistan launches national pavilion on China’s e-commerce platform JD

national pavilion

Pakistan’s National Pavilion on, China’s e-commerce platform has been inaugurated, intended to provide a platform to Pakistani and Chinese dealers for the promotion of Pakistan’s first-rate products via China’s huge online market.

Pakistan ambassador to China, Moin ul Haque, inaugurated the country’s first online domestic pavilion in China at a ceremony conducted at the embassy. Ambassador Haque called the initiation of the pavilion on China’s largest e-commerce podium a momentous event.

He believed the pavilion will help as a preliminary point in discovering more excellent chances presented by the Chinese digital economy and it would also balance the struggles of Pakistan’s offline pavilions which have already been in vigorous process in many cities of China comprising Kunming, Chengdu, Urumqi Yiwu, and Zhengzhou.

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“Moreover, this pavilion would also provide a window for promoting Pakistan’s culture, cuisine, tourism, and people-to-people exchanges.”

Moreover, he quoted that this national pavilion would stimulate Pakistani products to the Chinese markets, adding, “Our traders and exporters can open their shops and introduce their products through this platform and Chinese importers can also sell their products.”

In addition, Ambassador Haque commented that China by this time is the world’s leading e-commerce market and for Pakistani traders, it is a very important time to be benefitted from this chance.

“We are not only training our traders, raising awareness about this green e-commerce business in China but also doing their capacity building,” he added.

Ambassador believed Pakistani food produces, garments, sports goods, leather products, and even furniture could be stimulated through this online platform.

“Our professional team will help Pakistani traders to export their products into Chinese markets and to connect them to the online platform,” a senior official of Prestige International added.

“In the beginning, Pakistani food products would be put on sale on this online platform but gradually all kinds of high-quality products would be available.”

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