Pakistan delivers three JF-17 Thunder jets to Nigerian Air Force


The Pakistan Air Force (PAF) have handed over three JF-17 Thunder fighter aircraft to the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) during a ceremony at a base in Makudri. 

On Friday, PAF formally handed over three JF-17 thunder fighter aircraft to NAF. The Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC) Kamra handed over to the NAF during a ceremony to celebrate the occasion.

In the ceremony, Minister of Defence of Nigeria Maj Gen (Rtd) Bashir Magashi was the Guest of Honour, representing the president, whereas Air Marshal Syed Noman Ali, Vice Chief of the Air Staff of Pakistan was invited to attend the ceremony as the NAF’s special guest. 

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Maj Gen (retd) Magashi thanked Pakistan and the PAF for the continual bilateral cooperation and partnership between the both countries to improve the Nigerian Air Forces’ capabilities. 

He added that it would go a long way to meet security challenges of Nigeria. “We are happy and excited on the addition of JF-17 fighter aircraft from Pakistan,” he said. 

Nigeria inducts JF-17 Thunder fighters as it upgrades air force

Moreover, Air Marshal Syed Noman Ali said the day would remain “a historical landmark” for country’s JF-17 program, he further said by adding that it was also a reflection of the firm and secure military cooperation and mutual confidence shared between Nigeria and Pakistan. 

He then expressed confidence in the JF-17 jets, saying that its exceptional fighting competences would prove to be an effective platform in addressing the security requirements of Nigeria.  

He further assured the major general of the Nigeria that the PAF and PAC Kamra would carry on to offer provision to the NAF in meeting its requirements. 

The PAC Kamra handed over the aircraft to the NAF in accordance with the scheduled timelines earlier in 2021 in March, despite the hurdles and issues caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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