Pakistan-born Farrukh joins Swedish automaker Koenigsegg as manufacturing engineer


Pakistan-born Farrukh Kamran has been appointed to the prestigious Swedish hypercar brand, Koenigsegg. The company is well-known for making ultrafast, lightweight, powerful, and technologically complex sports cars including CCX, Regera, Agera, and Jesko, in addition to its forthcoming three-cylinder hypercar, Gemera. 

As per a recent update, the UET Alumnus has assumed the rank of design engineer at the company. There, Kamran will be given the responsibility of making cars faster, more stable, nimbler, and better overall in terms of road and track performance. 

The talented engineer now working at Koenigsegg previously worked in Elonroad AB — a Swedish tech company that establishes roads with the ability to charge electric vehicles (EVs). A natural-born mechanical engineering enthusiast, Kamran said that his fascination for “how things work” became his motivation which has led him down this academic and professional path. 

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Moreover, he made his expertise in mechanical design engineering during his time in Muscat, where he worked with Petroleum Development Oman (PDO). His job insisted him dive deep into 3D Modeling, SolidWorks software, and printing, which allowed him to hone his craft. 

“ I am one of the pioneers in Pakistan who introduced 3D printing in the country. We provided design services as well as manufacturing services such as 3D Printing. DFM/DFA was a key focus and design for injection molding. I was not only just taking care of business but also working as an Electromechanical designer as well.” 

After joining the company, Kamran stated; 

“I am excited that I have joined Koenigsegg Automotive AB as a Manufacturing Engineer. It is time to say goodbye to my awesome colleagues at Elonroad AB. Together we have made a fantastic journey to electrify the roads and I had the amazing opportunity to work with a great team.” 

Kamran’s appointment to the prestigious Koenigsegg has been acknowledged and applauded by enthusiasts, as well as the public. 

Explaining the motive behind doing engineering, Farrukh remarked; 

“Since childhood, I was interested in knowing how things work. I have always been curious about the technology behind the working principle of a machine. Probably the reason why I became an Engineer.” 

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