Pak Suzuki becomes latest car assembler to increase prices

Suzuki prices

Following the trend like KIA Lucky Motors, Toyota, and Honda, Pak Suzuki has become the latest car assembler to increase prices. The new rates will take effect from November 11, 2021. 

These are Ex-Factory prices notified by Pak Suzuki Motors

Cultus New Prices 

The new price of the Suzuki Cultus AGS is Rs2,272,000, up from the previous price of Rs1,975,000, a difference of Rs297,000. Cultus VXL, which has experienced a price hike of Rs275,000, bringing the total price to Rs2,105,000, up from Rs1,830,000. 

Cultus VXR, the third model, has experienced a price hike of Rs249,000, bringing it to Rs1,904,000 from Rs1,655,000. 

Suzuki Wagon R New Prices  

 Wagon R AGS, which has seen a price increase of Rs264,000, bringing the total price to Rs2,024,000, up from Rs1,760,000. The second variant is the Wagon R VXL, which has witnessed a price hike of Rs242,000, and can now be purchased for Rs1,852,000 instead of Rs1,610,000. 

The Wagon R VXR is the final variant, and its new price is Rs1,760,000, up from Rs1,530,000 previously, implying a Rs230,000 rise. 

Alto New Prices  

The price of the Alto VX has been hiked by Rs161,000, bringing it to Rs1,274,000 from Rs113,000 previously. The Alto VXR, which has had its price boosted by Rs173,000, bringing it to Rs1,508,000 from Rs1,335,000. 

The top-of-the-line model, the Alto VXL/AGS, has witnessed a price increase of Rs183,000, bringing the price to Rs1,704,000, up from Rs1,521,000 previously. 

APV, Jimny and Vitara GLX Prices 

The price of the Suzuki APV has increased by Rs100,000, bringing it to Rs4,675,000 from Rs4,575,000. Meanwhile, the new Suzuki Jimny pricing is Rs4,590,000, up from Rs4,490,000 previously, reflecting a Rs100,000 increase. 

The Suzuki Vitara GLX, which has also witnessed a price hike of Rs100,000, bringing the total price to Rs6,600,000, up from Rs6,500,000 previously. 

Suzuki Bolan New Prices  

The Bolan VX, which experienced a Rs100,000 hike, bringing the rate to Rs1,149,000 from Rs1,049,000 previously. The Bolan Cargo, which experienced a price increase of Rs101,000, bringing its new price to Rs1,165,000, up from Rs1,064,000 previously. 

Ravi New Rates  

The Suzuki Ravi has experienced a price hike of Rs97,000, bringing the total price to Rs1,117,000, up from Rs1,020,000 previously. The second version, the Suzuki Ravi Without Deck, has seen a price increase of Rs97,000, and will now cost Rs1,042,000, up from Rs945,000 previously. 

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