Honda increases car prices again

Honda car prices

Honda Atlas has upped its car prices, following in the footsteps of KIA and Toyota. The new pricing has taken effect from November 11, 2021, according to a notification. The prices have now been raised by up to Rs 485,000. 

According to the company

  • Prices for January 2022 will apply to all new orders placed after November 10th, 2021, as well as all outstanding orders having an EDD of January 2022 or later. 
  • Back orders due till November 2021 with clear payment received by November 10, 2021 will be charged at current prices. 
  • Back orders placed before November 21st and paid in part by November 10th, 2021 will be served at the November-December price if the rest is paid by November 26th, 2021. 

So, here are the new Honda car prices. 

Honda Civic New Price

Honda Civic 1.8 i-VTEC CVT, which has experienced a massive price hike of Rs 365,000, bringing the total price to Rs 3,979,000, up from Rs 3,614,000. 

The second car is the Honda Civic Oriel 1.8 i-VTEC CVT, which has seen a price hike of Rs 395,000, bringing the new price to Rs 4,259,000, up from Rs 3,864,000 previously. 

The last one is the Honda Civic 1.5T RS Turbo, which witnessed a price increase of Rs 485,000, bringing it to Rs 5,049,000 from Rs 4,564,000. 

Honda City New Price 

The first is the Honda City 1.2L MT, which has witnessed a price increase of Rs 130,000 to Rs 2,729,000, up from Rs 2,599,000. The Honda City 1.2L CVT is next, and its price has been hiked by Rs 150,000, bringing it to Rs 2,949,000 from Rs 2,799,000. 

The third model, the Honda City 1.5L CVT, has seen a price increase of Rs 170,000, and will now cost Rs 3,069,000, up from Rs 2,899,000 previously.

The fourth is the Honda City 1.5L Aspire M/T, which has a new price of Rs 3,199,000, up from Rs 3,019,000. This means the company has raised the price by Rs 180,000. 

Furthermore, the price of the Honda City 1.5L Aspire CVT has increased by Rs 195,000, and it now costs Rs 3,369,000, up from Rs 3,174,000. 

Honda BR-V New Price 

Meanwhile, the BR-V i-VTEC S A/T, which has seen a price increase of Rs 225,000, bringing the price to Rs 3,599,000 from Rs 3,374,000. 

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