Orange route of Metro bus service from Peshawar Morr to Islamabad Airport initiated

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Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif launched the Peshawar Morr to Islamabad Airport Metro Bus service. The project was expected to go functional in 2018, however it was delayed by four years due to operational issues. 

According to a report by Pakistan’s Associated Press, initially, as many as 13 buses will run on the Peshawar Mor-Islamabad International Airport route and the new bus route will serve roughly 50,000 travelers on a daily basis. 

Shahbaz Sharif announced during the ceremony that the Metro Bus Authority will borrow 15 buses from the Punjab Mass Transit Authority in Rawalpindi until the new fleet arrives for the new route. 

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He noted that 15 buses with orange skin, as well as four dedicated airport shuttles, will travel the new route. He went on to say that the management had put in ticketing mechanisms that were waiting for his orders to be activated. 

He said a mobile application was being launched for an easy access to the buses coming after every five minutes and the shuttle by every 25 minutes. He also stated that the blue line bus project, which will connect Rawat and Islamabad Airport, will commence in the near future. 

The Islamabad Metro Bus Service project will run on a stretch of 11 kilometres from Peshawar Morr to Islamabad International Airport. The Islamabad metro bus will be covered in orange skin for route coding.

According to the report, the journey from NHA to N5 station takes 6-8 minutes, while the journey from N5 to the airport takes 25-30 minutes. A shuttle service will run along an 11-kilometer route as part of the project.

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