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YouTube Music Google Maps

Now Google has updated the Maps and in its latest version 10.43.2, you can open YouTube Music and control your favorite music while map reading.

Although, Google Maps has included features to control music like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play Music since 2018 but to control music while remaining in the Google Map app was missing.

To start using this function all you have to do is open settings in Maps, then press Navigation Settings and then check the media playback controls. In the next step, you will see numerous media apps and from these apps choose YouTube Music.

Upon setting up YouTube Music the icon will appear on the right side whenever you start navigation. After tapping that icon further options will appear in the footer of the screen which includes the Play, Rewind, Forward controls. All the options without leaving the Google Map application.

However, to use this feature in Google Maps, you need to have a premium version of the YouTube Music service. If you do not have a premium version then a message will show on screen to upgrade the service to the premium version. If you use YouTube or YouTube Music it won’t allow you a background playback but in the premium version, the service is giving you that opportunity.

This feature is very helpful for those who use navigation tools so often. Because you do not have to leave the Google Map application and enjoy the trip with YouTube Music.

Please note this service is only available in Maps for Android and it is not launched for iOS version yet, but YouTube has added some new features lately.

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