New Covid-19 strain to infect majority of people by March, US CDC warns

CDC Covid-19 strain

CDC, the central public health department of the United States (US) has warned that by March this year, the new strain of Covid-19 will affect the majority of the people.

The Covid-19 that started at the beginning of last year, has infected more than 9.5 crore people in the world. Out of this number, about 6 crores and 75 lac have been recovered while more than 2 lac patients of this lethal disease have been expired.

In the month of September 2020, a new kind of coronavirus was discovered in the United Kingdom which has more tendency of spreading and as such affecting the people. This new sort of virus has affected more than 15,369 people in 36 countries so far.

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The European scientists and World Health Organization have already warned that this virus has the tendency of spreading 50% to 70% high as compared to the last kind of coronavirus.  

Out of every one lac patients of COVID-19, more than 100 are those who are the victim of the new type of virus. In America, there are, so far, only 76 persons who have been recorded as the victims of B.1.1.7 and in Pakistan, there are perhaps only two cases of the victims of this new virus.

Although, this number is quite low as compared to the number of patients who have been affected by the last kind of virus yet is apprehended that this number can go very high. 

Although, the ratio of deaths as compared to that of the old type of coronavirus is lesser yet as was mentioned above that the rate at which it is spreading is very high therefore if its speed of spreading is not controlled, the number of death due to B.1.1.7 may likely increase rapidly.

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