Microsoft tells Chrome users to switch to its Edge browser on Outlook

Microsoft Edge Outlook

Google Chrome browser with its amazing speed, better performance, features, and security made it the number one browser in the market overtaking the much older Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers. A few years back when Google launched the Chrome browser, we saw so many ads and with the assertiveness for the new Microsoft Edge, it looks like Microsoft is following the same strategy as Google once used to promote the Chrome browser and catch its users. Microsoft is using its mailing service Outlook to try to drive people to install Microsoft’s latest revamped Chromimium based Edge web browser.

According to Microsoft’s statement that says “Microsoft Edge + Outlook = Better together,” the note was seen on the Outlook website header section. By clicking on the text it redirects towards the site from where you can download the Edge browser.

The tech giant using its one service to promote its other. Microsoft also uses an ad in Windows 10 start menu to promote the Microsoft Edge browser. Microsoft is doing an extensive Edge promotion.

Right now the leader in the browser market is Chrome with capturing 64% of market share, with Microsoft Edge quickly growing and recently crossed Firefox to become the second most used desktop browser. Microsoft converted Internet Explorer to Edge a few years ago but did not get success and later on with the help of chromium technology which is Google’s open source foundation for Chrome browser, new Microsoft Edge was born. Microsoft is planning to distribute it widely in Windows 10 updates.

Having a browser that is fast and reliable is very important for the tech giant as it brings you traffic that often resulting in generating revenue through ads.

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