Microsoft Edge Soon to be the Second Most Used Desktop Browser

Microsoft Edge browser

Nowadays more people are using the Microsoft Edge browser as they prefer it over Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and others.

According to data observed by NetMarketShare back in February indicates the Firefox market share is shrinking after the launch of the new Microsoft Edge.

According to the stats which were gathered by NetMarketShare shows that Microsoft Edge is about to snatch second place from Firefox within just weeks.

While the launching of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome surprisingly increased its market portion from 66.93 to 67.27 percent. While on the other hand Mozilla Firefox sees a downfall in the share and came down to 7.57 percent from 8.12.

Microsoft Edge with an increased market share sees growth from 7.02 percent to 7.39 percent and while looking at the fluctuation in the market data it is very clear Microsoft Edge will be sitting at second spot behind Google Chrome. And catching up with Google Chrome is the next big thing for Microsoft Edge team.

The reason behind Microsoft Edge getting this high in a shorter period can be attributed to its Chromium bases browser which is installed as a default browser on Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7 and even on macOS. Microsoft Edge is now a cross platform browser due to its chromium engine and the Edge team is looking to launch Linux version of the browser in the future.

Security is also the main reason people are using Microsoft Edge more instead of those browsers which have security issues towards user’s privacy policy. The Microsoft Edge will be sitting in the second spot but to go higher on the ladder, the company needs a miracle to happen as Google Chrome is unable to beat at the current circumstances and capturing the Chrome users is a task which cannot be accomplished any time soon.

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